• May 28, 2024

DraftKings creates live dealer studio in New Jersey

To provide online casino players in New Jersey with new and exciting content, DraftKings has announced a brand-new live casino studio. The branded studio will include blackjack as well as a high-speed variation of baccarat.

New Studio:

The new studio is located in the Hard Rock Casino Atlantic City. Operating 24/7, the studio will allow DraftKings to provide live dealer gaming around the clock. In the past, the live dealer sector of the brand was only operational for 15 hours a day.

The online casino operator worked with Evolution Gaming to develop the studio. The space will include six tables, five of which will be blackjack. The remaining table will be a new version of baccarat where players can enjoy the game five times faster than the traditional format as cards are dealt face-up.

With the new space, DraftKings will provide space for 35 additional players, which helps to meet gamer demand.

According to EGR Global…From: game casino

Jason March, head of gaming for DraftKings, commented on the new offering by stating: “We have had a lot of demand from customers to expand the service and offer different components, including the promotional aspects of having more fun with the dealers and creating our own brand image.”

March went on to state further that their players want interaction in the game so live casino is a popular addition to their offering and it is part of the reason why the company decided to create their own studio. This way, they can control the player experience and give players something that suits their brand.

MLB Deal:

The announcement of the new live dealer studio comes at the same time as the fantasy sports content provider announced a new multi-year agreement with Major League Baseball. It is now the official partner of the professional sports league.From: web game casino

With the deal, it will be allowed to use league marks and logos as well as have access to official league data that can be used for their sports betting products.